Double Heart

Double Heart ~Archival Print


Double Heart is 1 of 4 from The Heart Series, encaustic on panel.

Sometimes I will use images that are not my own. Not to claim them as mine more to connect with a collective unconscious. Old anatomy books are a source of inspiration. They are distant, somehow removed from the actual subject they are meant to represent. I recycle stamps from my father's collection and often re-use his written Scientific research reports or just as likely pages torn from an 1800s Tennyson book of poetry given to me by a grade school friend, stolen from her parent's bookshelf . So now you know. Lost and found .

Archival Print

8.5 x 11 inches

6 x 6 inches, image size

Full colour, archival inks printed on Fine Art Hahnemuhle Bamboo paper


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Double Heart


I found my dad's field notes or ruff notes for his PHD credentials. They were important to him so I kept them after he died. 

My fasination with fish and their habitat is the sorces of a lot of my inspiration. I can thank him for supporting my unique perspective saying, "Well tiger, you always do things in your own way." I am sure he would be happy to know his work will be incapsulated into my art.

Notes: A.P.Ronald

Notes: A.P.Ronald