I found my dad's field notes or ruff notes for his PHD credentials. They were important to him so I kept them after he died. 

My fasination with fish and their habitat is the sorces of a lot of my inspiration. I can thank him for supporting my unique perspective saying, "Well tiger, you always do things in your own way." I am sure he would be happy to know his work will be incapsulated into my art.

Notes: A.P.Ronald

Notes: A.P.Ronald

Art Experiment #2

Second phase of the line drawing overlay.

My paint studio is outside of the house these days. The change of  studio location has brought a fresh perspective. 

Mean while, my home studio has new order, not so much as organized as I see other possibilities in the chaos. I am having fun and for me this is where inspiration lives. 

The lines drawn on plexi casts a mysterious shadow. 

Art Experiment #1

I welcome you to view the evolution of a drawing.

What started as a line drawing on vellum overlayed onto a print of my painting 'I Am Here', a cut out Italian Drone Bee printed on an old map with a carved plexi overlay added -BOOM...I got excited by the possibilities and wanted to share the Art Experiment over the next few days.  Here is the beginning.



In progress 

Life Drawing | searching for the line

Dear Friends and Art Lovers

I know sometimes I may seem weird but perhaps the logic of what I am going to share with you will shed light on my particular brand of weird.

Recently I have been attending a life drawing group. Life drawing is a practice that has stayed with me since art school . In those days all you could hear in these sessions were pencils scratching on paper and the occasional sigh of elation or frustration . The various groups I have attended since have had a similar level of intensity.

When I first attended this current life drawing group, the interaction, sharing and chatter was a distraction to me. With the addition of music as part of the experience and the energy it can distill I found it even more difficult to focus on the life models and my efforts to 'transcend' and capture them in pencil on paper. The other participants seem to enjoy sharing their progress in the class and inevitably I feel an expectation to share my drawings as well, but I don't feel a need to. Not out of shyness or spite but because I am attempting to build my own space, a bubble of my own responses and interpretations, free from the influence of others. You see it is the experience of being lost in drawing that I crave.

Despite these challenges I am softening. I have managed to adjust to the smell of the building and the lighting. Though I still do not walk around and look at other peoples sketches and I don't yet feel the need to share mine. Who knows one day perhaps I will.  

Warm regards,


Life Drawing - 5 min. sketch . Searching for the line . 

Sechelt Arts Festival | MIND OVER MATTER | Art Exhibition | Seaside Centre | October 16 - 26

Dear Friends and art lovers,

Todd Clark, Andy Johnson and Nadina Tandy have collaborated to create a Sculptural Installation for the art exhibition  MIND OVER MATTER part of the Sechelt Arts Festival.

Schedule & Ticket info at : SECHELT ARTS FESTIVAL

Andy Johnson instructing how to make cedar roses from prepared stripped red cedar bark "fold and twist". It did take Todd and I more than one try to get the hang of it.                                                                             photo Nadina Tandy

The MIND OVER MATTER ten day ART exhibition will explore six unique cross-cultural collaborations between fourteen coast aboriginal and non-aboriginal artists. The show will explore a variety of "stories", some personal, some profound and others provocative, while combining traditional and contemporary art and media.




5790 Teredo Street, Sechelt, B.C.

HOURS: 10am to 6pm weekends, 12 to 6pm weekdays (Friday October 17 to 8pm)

Public opening reception: Thursday October 16, 7-9pm