Dear art lovers,

Thank you, on behalf of the Eleven Equal Artists for another outstanding Power of Paint Exhibition on the Sunshine Coast, BC. I am not certain that 6 or so years ago, when we first conceived of Power of Paint that we realized what it was we were doing. Eleven Equal Artists have not only begun an art show, we have brought to life an event.

Through hard work and shared vision we have mounted not only an exhibition of our own diverse styles but an event which included a collaborative art piece, a bursary, live music, food and drink and the attention of the community at large.

Despite the collective hard work of all the artists involved in this show, it would mean nothing if not for you. The success of Power of Paint really lies with the art supporters, the curious, the casual observers and true believers who have attended this event at different times over the last 5 years. For that we thank you.

Special arty thank you to our volunteers, supportive partners and to Ginny Vail for raining in the toddlers.

Eleven Equal Artists :  Morley Baker, Josefa Fritz Barham, Todd Clark, Elizabeth Evans, Greta Guzek, Carol LaFave, Kim LaFave, Ian MacLeod, Cindy Riach, Nadina Tandy and Marleen Vermeulen

Click on image for slide show of Power of Paint 2016 Sunshine Coast BC