ART MATTERS | 4 steps to getting shit done.

Disclaimer : all the opinions expressed are my own

Lets blow it up, just do your art and shut the fuck up. I am offering you 4 easy solutions to follow for inner creative peace. You can add to the list in the comments, hell lets coauthor an e-book.

#1 : Create. Create anything. Just start. Don't judge it or think you are amazing. Just pick up a pencil show up to life drawing class. Shut up and draw.

#2 STOP TALKING. Talking about shit, no more conversations about sensitive digestion or your ingrown toe nail that has haunted you and stopped you from being a fully realized super star. Yawn, are you boring yourself?

#3 DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU OR YOUR ART. Don't listen to what you think about others and their art.

#4 BE IN THE PRESENT. Just 'be' in the  present moment of the creative process and all the other crap will shrink. The perfect weather or the perfect space. You make things happen when you create art with whatever tool you have, wherever you are. It lives in you, don't over think it.

                                                                         Fine Art , not for the faint of heart. My one line elevator pitch.


The cranky artist motivational series has a gift for you! A printable version of ART MATTERS 4 steps to inner creative peace and getting shit done. With love Nadina