Art & Music

Dear Friends,

I am not sure how I get to have so much fun .

Saturday , May 26 2012 

Art & Music 

Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: address given by confirmation of attendance
Cost: $15
Tickets: by phone (seating is limited)

A colourful combination of art and music... be here as Gibsons artist Nadina Tandy creates a work of art through the evening accompanied by some equally artistic music featuring Graham Ord on sax, Paul Steenhuis on bass and Barry Taylor on drums.

In the New Year I  had the privilege of my artwork Growing Protection used for the cover art for the novel Walking on Heads: My Charming Imposter A Cautionary Tale, by author Dania Matiation.

I have a few other projects that I am working on for this summer.

All will be revealed soon.

fond regards,