Dear Friends,

 I have filled up on social media, a gavage so to speak. The farmer that gorges the goose to fatten the liver for foie gras says that the animal has no gag reflex and force-feeding them doesn’t hurt them.

 What is the draw to sites like facebook, pinterest, twitter et cetera? I have had positive experiences on these sites. The negative is also been positive so for me it is in measures and measures are hard when the access is always available on my iphone. I have drowned and diluted myself with other people’s art. The danger of social media gluttony is allowing others accomplishments and praise to diminish ones own. It is like a commercial designed to make you feel less than so you buy more.

 This is where I can go down hill. When I need outside approval for my work. It is a sickness that blocks my creativity. I can choose if I am going to levitate or stagnate when I use these media tools to share. Ultimately I am driven to create. My belief that art needs to be seen, heard and shared is what keeps me clear headed and grounded.

I would like to share THE PROCESS 2012  it is my premier attempt at making a video .

Fond regards,