Variety is the Spice...

Well summer has come and gone and I'm still not sure where it went. It has been a full summer with a number of projects since I last posted news. From an exhibition in a beautiful gallery in the middle of the a west coast rain forest to a live gig painting to improvised music with the ocean and mountains as  background to participating in an arts festival with my nature installation art, it has been a varied and exciting summer. I love the west coast.

Music in the Landing is a live music festival where local musicians take to the streets and parks and in my case the gazebo on the local harbour to perform and entertain for wonderfully appreciative audiences. I was fortunate enough to be asked to join a musical trio extraordinaire as a forth.  Accompanied  by Graham Ord  , Paul Steenhuis and Barry Taylor as 'New and Improv' we improvised both music and paint taking turns letting one lead the other. It was terrifying , being so foreign to the way I normally work, but exhilarating at the same time. The bottom line is that exhilaration won out and there was some thought to doing it again this winter.

Also on the agenda this summer was the fantastic music, performance and exhibition arts festival called Synchronicity. This wonderful event facilitated by deer crossing The ART FARM allowed me a chance to exhibit my nature art  installations. While this is something I have always done it has not been something that I have often had the chance to show. Shirley Macey Park provided the perfect backdrop for this creative, stimulating and energetic event.